Regulatory Reporting for Insurance Companies and Banks

arep enables financial institutions to provide bank and insurance customers with detailed VAG and GroMiKV reporting, while allowing for optimum presentation of assets.

VAG, GroMiKV reports and BVI data sheets are generated automatically. The solution also enables maximal reduction of non-transparent portfolios and minimisation of residual value for offsetting to risk capital quota.

Brief overview of our IT solution

Our solution offers optimal minimization of residual values and minimum capital adequacy.

  • Rules-based classification of shares held in mutual and specialised investment funds or direct investments, in accordance with VAG and CIC codes.
  • Recording, valuation, weighting and notification of large loan exposures and million euro loans in compliance with the German Banking Act (KWG).
  • Optimisation of rating allocations and traceability due to temporary tables and plausibility checks.
  • Integration of your own and third-party funds, direct investments, VAG/GroMiK data sheets, as well as WM and Morningstar data.

Of the highest quality, thanks to rules-based classification and checking for plausibility

A wide range of functions is available to ensure regulatory compliance and the best possible presentation of portfolios.

Regulatory compliance

  • Total traceability of all data and calculations.
  • Quality checking of data using consistency and plausibility checks.
  • Rapid plausibility check in case of client questions of insurance companies and banks.
  • Proof of regulatory compiance by corresponding reports prepared for investment companies and other investors.

Best-possible values

  • Utmost reduction of residual values due to the multistage classification process.
  • Optimisation of rating allocation due to rating agency ratings for securities and issuers, as well as qualified internal ratings.
  • Maximum transparency of target funds.
  • Proof of optimum documentation within the regulatory framework.

A well-proven solution you can rely on

Rely on a regulatory reporting system that complies with BaFin and BVI

Arep, the well-proven VAG and GroMiKV Reporting solution arep has been developed within the framework of the VAG amendment. In addition, it was created in collaboration with a leading fund manager and has been closely harmonised with BVI. The SaaS-enabled solution has its own data supply module with interfaces for all Morningstar and WM generic and classification data.

  • Depiction of current legal guidelines of BaFin, EIOPA and BVI.
  • Detailed allocation and designation of classification and ratings.
  • Import and export of VAG data sheets, target funds and holdings of the insurance companies.
  • Complete traceability of all data by means of evaluable temporary tables.
  • Direct integration of data of all fund accounting systems, data warehouse or third-party systems.
  • Secured and browser enabled access to data.
  • Data import, operation, verification and report generation at the certified data centre as an optional service.
  • Technical cooperation with BDO and close adaptation with the auditing companies of our clients.
  • Modification of regulatory guidelines and their interpretation taken into consideration by means of maintenance contract.

arep reporting framework - system architecture

The application as software as a service (SaaS) and/or Managed Service

Software as a Service

Should you wish, the application can be provided to you as Software as a Service (SaaS) through a highly secured, Tier IV certified computer centre.

The implementation of your own IT infrastructure, with corresponding initial investments, is no longer necessary. In addition, by refraining from using your own systems you avoid increasing the complexity of your IT infrastructure.

This will allow you to concentrate more on your key competences, using your IT skills and resources in a needs-oriented way.

At acarda, we take care of operations as well as providing support services. Secure and easy access to the application is possible via your web-browser.

Business Service / Managed Service

We also offer different reportings as a business service. Under this option our experts will perform all tasks required for your reportings on your behalf.

Service Level Agreement

The specific type and volume of the software as a service or business service will be selected according to your requirements. You will only pay for the services used according to contractually agreed service level agreements (SLA).