March 10, 2020 – The Tripartite Template (TPT) is a widely used data exchange format aiming to facilitate exchange of Solvency II relevant data point among Asset Management and Insurance companies. Until end of March 2020 the new TPT Version 5.0 will be co-existing with the older Version 4.0, and will then become the new standard end of June.

TPT Version 5.0 is a step towards a stronger standardization of format. In comparison to the older version, new field are introduced in Version 5.0 to support treatment of private equity investments according to the updated Solvency II rules. Another significant extension of the format is a new classification of the fields regarding their relevance for the Swiss Solvency Test, German Nachweisung 675 and the EIORP ECB Reporting. This novelty may be useful for those companies seeking to collect data necessary to fulfill the above mentioned regulation. Consequently, it may introduce new challenges to the service providers who will be requested to provide a better coverage of certain data items in the TPT Version 5.0.

A stronger standardization of the format requirements could also mean that deviations from the defined .csv formatting may no longer be accepted by the market.

Although the changes between the old 4.0 and the new 5.0 TPT Versions may appear rather small, they will have a significant impact on the reporting service providers. acarda’s regulatory reporting platform arep is ready for the new TPT Version 5.0. Please contact us to learn more about our Solvency II solution and how arep can support you to fulfill the TPT 5.0 requirements.