The new CTI standard for UK institutional investors & pension schemes platform supported by AREP

  • The regulatory reporting platform AREP from acarda provides an end to end solution for asset managers and helps them in timely and efficient cost and charges disclosures for CTI directives.
  • AREP offers a multi-reporting platform that has been expanded by numerous regulatory reporting (PRIIPs EPT, MiFID II EMT, DCPT, AIFMD, Solvency II) over the years
  • From input data management through gap analysis, truncation and flexible adjustment to efficient distribution, AREP’s cost compilation and report delivery system manages to be unsurpassedThrough calculation of transaction cost (by New PRIIPs, Full PRIIPs and its hybrid), arep can translation the necessary reporting of transaction cost on asset class basis.

AREP provides all CTI templates

Be ready for the CTI templates 

Implications for the Asset Management Industry

  • While the Main account, User Summary and Private Equity templates have already been issued, the
  • Industry wide acceptance towards standardization and a pull-effect from the institutional investors creates an increasing demand for cost and charges disclosure under the CTI templates
  • Shifting trends towards more granular and detailed cost and charges disclosure that were already being reflected through European PRIIPs Template ‘EPT’, European MiFID Templates ‘EMT’ and DC Workplace Template ‘DCPT’ have now been incorporated as part of CTI disclosures
  • The CTI scope not only includes Funds but also Segregated Accounts that are required by institutional investors
  • The templates under CTI are populated on share class level, however the information required from asset managers under these templates is quite detailed