March 26, 2020 – In the face of the COVID-19 crisis and market volatility, acarda´s highest priority is the health and safety of its community – of its clients, and its employees – without sacrificing the reliability and quality of its services. According to a recent appeal of CSSF that urges all supervised entities to review their current organisational setup, acarda immediately took action.

We have been following the CSSF guidelines from the very first moment through establishing homeworking for all our employees from March 13th until further notice. To provide uninterrupted services on the highest security level to our clients, we have implemented the following key measures for the time being:

  1. Our staff is working remotely only with secured equipment providing save and direct access to our central reporting platform arep as well as to all surrounding systems according to the respective employee´s role.
  2. arep user profiles with higher risks, such as those for administrators, are assigned to special roles with privileged access. We automatically log all access and are therefore able to analyse ex post review of sensitive actions via audit log tables.
  3. We are using remote access through VPN connections to secure our internal and external communication. Whenever possible, we encourage our employees to host meetings via video-conferencing or other advanced collaboration tools.
  4. Any remote activities of our employees from Germany and Luxembourg are automatically logged and we are able to analyse the ex post verification of sensitive actions via audit log tables.
  5. With its central database, audit logs, FTP folders, and a browser-based dashboard, our regulatory SaaS solution arep allows safe use and handling from different places. Therefore, our systems are by nature prepared for exceptional circumstances. Issues with e.g. connections can be handled with our well-proven ticket system.

Please be assured that despite the COVID-19 crisis, we are fully prepared to continuously provide our services safely, reliably and effectively.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have questions or need support with your regulatory reports and we will be able to assist with your reporting challenges.