acarda as speaker at the WM-Forum Luxembourg from WM Datenservice / 4th April 2019

The Head of Customer Management at acarda, Dr. Markus Thomas, presented on 4th April 2019 the core features of the digital platform “arep” for Solvency II reporting, the PRIIP transaction cost calculation (TCC) for EPTs and the data services of acarda linked with EMT data on 4 April 2019 at the WM Customer Forum in Luxembourg.  Dr. Thomas showcased acarda’s new service for MiFID II data to Luxembourg fund administrators and fund managers.

acarda offers fund providers the opportunity the service for transforming and mapping their MiFID II fund data on the target market, cost transparency and the ex-post costs from the EMT, a template which is an European-wide industry standard, into in proprietary formats of WM Datenservice for Germany and Austria markets. In practice, acarda is mapping the MiFID II target market data of investment funds (including the ex post cost of funds) from the European Market Template (EMT) to the “German” MiFID standard with three special WM input templates. These WM specific input files include the ZMF template for target market data and the KVGMIRC5 template for the data field JV005 at WM Datenservice which represents the MIR II ex-post costs. acarda transforms also EMT- and EPT-files to the input templates according to the “Swiss” openfunds and Fundinfo standard. In this way, asset managers can guarantee in all German-speaking markets that their distributors will receive MiFID II data which is correctly and completely mapped to the databases of WM Datenservice and Fundinfo.