March 12, 2020 – Due to the current developments of the circulating Corona Virus (COVID-19) we would like to inform you that we have taken preventive and protective measures for the health of our employees and at the same time ensure that our business operations are maintained at all times. 

Especially in this time with volatile markets the regulatory reporting is more important than ever. Our reporting and data management platform >arep< can be accessed from any authorized workstation. All frontends are accessible from remote locations: to load and verify the data, produce and disseminate the reports and monitor the whole process. 

As part of our business continuity plan (BCP), we have implemented a timely and effective response plan to be prepared for a potential impact of Corona Virus upon acarda’s community and the service provided to our clients. 

We are working closely with our data center to anticipate and prevent any potential risk. In general the data centers and infrastructures operations are redundant and built on a multiple site configuration. We are using ISO 27001 and Tier4 certificated data centers for housing, which includes a business continuity management. 

We also encourage you to continue to remain in contact with our team via Webex or phone if travel or meeting restrictions prevent in-person meetings.  

Please be assured, that our day-to-day business will continue normally, and no issues are to be expected, as the provision of our services is not restricted or endangered in any way. 

 We would also like to thank our customers, suppliers and other business partners for the trust they have placed in us and for the good collaboration between us.