October 22, 2019 – On July 19, 2019 the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) issued its final report on the guidelines of reporting under Article 37 of the Money Market Funds Regulation.

Reporting requirements under the MMF Regulation encompass two reporting templates, the largest of them amounting to over 160 fields. The Regulation will impose new challenges as it requires calculation of stress nine test scenarios as well as of several analytic figures on fund’s level such as the Weighted Average Maturity, Weighted Average Life, Return, Liquidity Profiles and Aggregated Redemptions. In addition, the constrains and the thresholds defined by the Regulation with respect to asset allocation of money market funds will require an efficient monitoring process.

Facing all these challenging new regulatory requirements is best done in cooperation with an experienced and versatile regulatory reporting specialist like acarda.

Dr. Andrej El, Head of Product Management at acarda, says: “Our all-in-one solution AREP will help our clients prepare for complex disclosures of MMF Regulation required by ESMA due first quarter of 2020. Our solution will help reduce time of implementation, with all necessary calculations and transformations defined under the regulation being done by AREP. Our Clients will benefit from our deep regulatory reporting experience, our transparent and quality-assured reporting.”

Please contact Gerhard Jovy, Managing Director, at +49 69 24 44 88 10 or via email Gerhard.Jovy@acarda.de to know more about benefits using our software as a service AREP.