acarda converts and distributes MiFID II and PRIIPs fund data to WM and Fundinfo

Frankfurt am Main & Luxembourg, 19th June 2019

acarda is a RegTech solutions provider, offers asset managers the service to convert and distribute automatically their regulatory MiFID II and PRIIPs data to the main fund data hubs in Germany and Switzerland.

WM Datenservice (WM) expects asset managers to produce three special files for MIFID II target market definitions and the ex-ante / ex-post fund costs, since WM doesn’t accept the European MiFID II Template (EMT) as input to its platform.

acarda offers asset managers the service to digitally convert their EMT to the specific WM standard for MiFID II. Acarda offers a similar conversion service for EMT and EPT data to the Fundinfo and Openfunds specific formats.

Gerhard Jovy, founder and Managing Director of acarda, states: “Our EMT and EPT conversion and distribution service is used succesfully by many UK asset managers since the start of MiFID II and PRIIPs in 2018.”

Khaled Al Mahayni, Head of Product Management PRIIPs & MiFID at acarda, adds: “acarda’s conversion and distribution services for regulatory fund data are an important part of the sales operations of many pan-European asset managers. We’re now also delivering on request regulatory fund data to Fundsquare in Luxembourg and FundsXML-files to the OeKB in Austria.”

About acarda

acarda is a German RegTech company and a leading provider of regulatory reporting solutions to asset managers, fund administrators and insurers.

Please contact Gerhard Jovy, Managing Director, at +49 69 24 44 88 10 or via email for further information.